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Are the good times over for buy to let landlords

At the moment the property market In the West Midlands is showing no signs of slowing down compared to other parts of the country like the home counties and London. For buy to let investors the past 20 years have been good, the previous crash around 2008 now seems more like a slight dip. House prices in Wolverhampton are now at an all time high, things have changed for Investors however, the government has been tightening the legislation for landlords for some time and investment property prices are high.

Are the good times really over for buy to let landlords I am not so sure, I think the next few years could be unusually rewarding. If there are less buy to let landlords entering the market and certain portfolio landlords are reducing their housing stock, then sooner or later more competitively priced investment properties, will come to market.

Right now mortgage deals are looking great with a low base rate and lenders becoming generous with their products and terms. Lenders have to lend to stay in business and because the buy to let market has shrunk slightly, they are now constantly improving their mortgage products to entice investors. This combination of factors a low base rate, high lender competition and a shrinking investor pool will not be around forever. So you now need to review the lending across your portfolio and speak to Paul at Apple Finance mortgage brokers about how you can take advantage while lenders are in pain, this is your mortgage gain.  01902 213201


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