Buy to let Mortgage Wolverhampton

An excellent company for buy to let mortgages in Wolverhampton :

Apple Finance offers the highest standards of service for buy to let mortgages in Wolverhampton. The company has gained a lot of popularity due to the quality of its services. There are some exceptional possibilities for buy to let mortgages because there is still potential for capital growth on a long term investment basis. Moreover, there is potential for an additional income source for retirement. The demand for the rental accommodations is also high in Wolverhampton and other surrounding areas.

The reason is that the population of the UK is continuously increasing, the concept of single occupancy is getting more common because of an increased rate of divorce, and the percentage of students who are taking degree courses and wishing to live alone and not in shared accommodation. The number of lenders who are entering the markets has also increased; those lenders are providing easily accessible and particularly well designed products for the buy to let mortgage market.

Apple Finance is a company in which all the employees are specialists in their field and they understand every detail related to buy to let mortgages and they deal with everything. No matter whether you are a proficient and experienced landlord who has an already developed a portfolio or a new investor who is buying a property for the first time, the company will suggest the best solution to all clients and find them the most suitable mortgage plan.

Buy to let mortgages are different from regular mortgages for residence use, in three different ways. The first thing is that buy to let mortgages have comparatively higher rates of interest. The second thing is that the minimum percentage of deposit that is required in these mortgages is 15% of the total value of the property. The third thing is that most lenders assess the buy to let mortgages on the basis of the rent that the clients are going to receive.

The company always guides the clients and tells them about all the available options and lets them choose the most suitable after advice has been given. The mortgage advisers within the company always give all the facts and  details and the latest updates about the mortgage case to the clients. All mortgage applications being processed are done without delay the buy to let applications are processed by experienced administration staff to ensure that the process is smooth and quick dependant on the mortgage lender response times.