Mortgage Advisers In Lichfield

Lichfield is a cathedral city in Staffordshire, England. Only a stone throws away from big cities like Birmingham but not too close that you feel the hustle and bustle of the world. It is notable for its three-spired medieval cathedral, Lichfield was also the birthday of Samuel Johnson who was the writer of the first authoritative Dictionary of the English language.

Known for being one of the most ‘English’ places in the country, holding onto its heritage with great pride and lovely place for people looking to keep that authenticity where they live. So, if you are looking to move into the area here then you have come to the right place, based out of Advantage House on Stowe Street, let’s see what we can do in order to help you find your perfect home in Lichfield.

If you are looking to be away from the cities but close enough to have access to them then Lichfield is a great place to live in, where you can get to London Euston in 95 minutes and Stoke in 40 minutes, you can even get to Birmingham within 35 minutes, this has been a favourable asset to people who work in the cities.

Whether you are looking to into re-mortgaging your home, getting a bridging loan, commercial or self-employed mortgage, a buy to let mortgage or simply want to speak to a mortgage broker that is passionate about giving you the right advice for your goals and property needs, then look no further.

Investing in a good mortgage broker is one that is invested into your vision, there are so many ways you can get onto the property ladder or expand your property portfolio. There are different ways you can go about this and by getting a good mortgage broker involved you know that they are going to steer you in the right direction.

If you are unaware of what these things mean, then let us take a moment to explain it a little further to you:

  • Re-mortgage – This essentially means moving the existing mortgage somewhere else, a lot of people do this in order to pay for upcoming situations that may be occurring, so they extend the mortgage on their property for a little longer.
  • Mortgage broker – This is like me, here at Advantage House, I am a professional that work in the section of mortgages and can help you achieve your wants in the market of Lichfield.
  • Bridging Loans – This is a sum of money lent by a bank to cover an interval between two transactions, typically the buying of one house and the selling of another.
  • Commercial mortgage – This is a mortgage that is taken out, but it is not owned by you. It is also a place that businesses can operate from and be used as a business address.
  • Self-employed mortgage – A topic that isn’t openly discussed as much but is very big for people who work for themselves and are convinced that they cannot get onto the property ladder by the way of mortgage if they are self-employed. These mortgages are also known as self-certification mortgages, and these were specifically designed for the self-employed and it allows them to be able to self-certify how much their revenue is during a business year with no need to provide evidence. It is allowing self-employed people to be able to get a mortgage like anyone else.
  • Buy to let mortgage – This is a type of mortgage in where the person taking out the mortgage is not interested in living in the property themselves and are planning to rent it out to other people in order to make the mortgage payments
  • 2nd charge loan – A second charge mortgage is also seen as a secured loan or a second mortgage and it allows you to borrow money, whilst leaving your existing mortgage in place. But it does mean that mortgage brokers take legal charge over your property until the loan is paid and then the property is returned to you.
  • Secured loan – This is when you take out a loan with an asset that you own.
  • Adverse credit mortgage – Available to people who don’t have the best credit score or ratings and have been involved in some poor money situations, but still giving them the opportunity to be able to take a mortgage out.

So if you are looking for a mortgage broker in the Lichfield area, then do not hesitate to contact  Apple finance directly and I will try my best to assist you further.