Self Employed Mortgages Wolverhampton


Do you find it stressful to arrange a mortgage and consider it to be a bit confusing and a time-consuming task? So contact the mortgage specialists, Apple Finance to get your matters resolved related to mortgages. The company arranges Self-employed mortgages in Wolverhampton and a number of other related services including insurance protection. They analyse the best product for the clients and check whether the client fits according to the lenders’ criteria.  The employees of the company take the trouble of explaining everything clearly so that the clients are able to make the right decision by keeping every important factor under consideration.

Most lenders treat mortgages for the self employed as a higher risk due to the vulnerable nature of the income pattern when compared to a employed individual on a wage or salary. A employed persons earnings will tend to be stable and not fluctuate compared to a self employed persons income which can rise and fall depending on business conditions. However most self employed people are on a contract basis and will have more than one client to keep their income stream relatively stable and secure. There are lenders who recognise this and are more than willing to lend to self employed people.

Self employed individuals and company’s will need to provide proof of income and accounts to back up their mortgage case, company director payslips may be required depending on the mortgage lender and the circumstances of the self employed client or employed director of a company.

There are various mortgage products available for self employed client’s or company directors however the terms and conditions of such products will vary greatly. Therefore is important to seek professional mortgage advice before approaching lenders, Apple finance will search the commercial mortgage market and find the most suitable lender which matches the client’s needs